Sunday, March 30, 2014


I can't tell sorry nor can explain y i get mad sometimes coz i know ur already know d answer just looking at me...
I'm not a melodrama queen nor a showy queen for every emotions i felt evrytime but i admit it ,..i get sad with every fight and misunderstanding..
I have many sleepless nights n everytime if pop up wif my mind..i cn't breath...
I know n i admit it bcoz u just too important to loose n i know life would not d same without u...
Thnx for everything...thnx for being my 'keding' 'along' (kna berebut wif lia..hihi)...through thick n thins ^^...sunny or rainy...hope our 'invisible frendship'..will last forever..

#be a good man for ur ehem...ehemmm. ^^...just remember yg 'keding' hve a special lil sis here...^^

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